With a background as medical physicist, I have a strong background in radiation therapy and clinical imaging. My research interest is to perform a highly translational research projects to reach clinical trials.

During my PhD, I have been learning more about the field of nanomedicine where I have been involved in the development of a theranostic nanoparticle, AGuIX, currently being enrolled in a Phase I clinical trial in France. My main task was to develop solutions to improve image-guided radiation therapy and improve its specificity. I developed computational and biophysical skills to understand the different physical and biological mechanisms induced by the nanoparticles during irradiations. Hence, we developed a simple mathematic modeling to evaluate the different consequences that may have the radiation beams with the presence of high atomic number nanoparticles (gold, gadolinium) in the tumor. In parallel, we created a theranostic nanoparticles developed for image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT) for different cancer treatments or to act as vascular disrupting agents (VDA). Click on the images for more information. 

Mathematic modeling NP for IGRT NP as VDA
simulation mrgrt vda

Currently, I am working as a postdoctoral research fellow with joint position between the laboratory of Dr. Ghobrial at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute/Harvard Medical School and the laboratory of Dr. Ghoroghchian at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. My goal is to develop imaging biomarkers for the early detection of Multiple Myeloma. This include development of nanomedicine-based solution, including organic and inorganic nanoparticles as well as working on natural biomarkers allowing the direct prognostic of Multiple Myeloma.